Bobbi Kristina Brown was excited to move to Los Angeles, and told a close family friend about it in a heart-to-heart talk just hours before she was found face-down in a bathtub at her Atlanta, Georgia home on Jan. 31, a report said Friday. Sammy Tawil told Radar Online that he did not notice any hints that pointed toward her having issues with her boyfriend Nick Gordon, or the tragedy that was about to befall Bobbi Kristina.

“I spoke with her the day before she was found,” Tawil told Radar Online, adding that Bobbi Kristina “was like a daughter” to him. “She wasn’t crying, she was upbeat, excited to go to L.A.,” Tawil said, adding: “She wanted to go in the studio.”

Tawil also declined of seeing any fights or issues between Bobbi Kristina and Gordon, who was sued in an amended lawsuit filed Friday by Bobbi Kristina’s conservator claiming he gave Bobbi Kristina a "toxic cocktail" and put her face down in the bathtub. Bobbi Kristina died on July 26.

“I didn’t sense anything bad,” Tawil said, according to Radar Online, adding: “She wasn’t depressed. I haven’t personally seen any flare-ups, fighting or physical contact with her or Nick.” However, Tawil added that he had seen the aspiring actress struggle, especially after Houston’s death in 2012.

“She was still grieving for three years and never got over her mom’s death. She was definitely missing her mom.”

Tawil also reportedly gave details of the burial and said: “There were only about 20 people attending the burial -- Dionne Warwick, Pat Houston, Gary Houston, Cissy Houston,” adding: “It was somber, sad, people were grieving, crying. It’s a very sad situation the fact that you’re burying a [young] girl.

“They are definitely taking it hard, they couldn’t believe a 22-year-old girl was being laid to rest,” Tawil added. He also reportedly said that the Houston and the Brown families “kept their distance” but there “was no tension.” “They said their hellos but left it at that. There’s no connection anymore.”

Bobbi Kristina’s aunt Leolah Brown, who claimed in a Facebook post on Thursday that Houston named only her as the legal guardian of Bobbi Kristina, was told to leave the funeral in at St. James United Methodist Church in Alpharetta, Georgia, last Sunday. Leolah then made comments about Pat Houston to the media persons present outside.

"I, Leolah Brown was the only one that Whitney left guardianship to when it came to Bobbi Kristina. This is the main reason Pat hates me! Time is out for LIES! The Brown & Houston family knows I am telling the truth," Leolah said in the post, adding: "With all due respect to Cissy, She and Pat both know just as well as anyone else in the Brown & Houston families, that I am the legal guardian to Bobbi Kristina chosen by my sister Whitney. Furthermore, Pat was PRESENT when the documents were signed by Whitney and myself along with Whitney's attorneys! If you find Pat's name anywhere on any documents regarding Bobbi Kristina's guardian or Whitney Houston, trust and know that they have been manipulated!"