Photo of Whitney Houston, Nick Gordon, and Bobbi Kristina posted by Bobbi Kris to Twitter after Whitney's death in February.

Say whaaa--?!

Yup, that's what gossip blog Hollywood Life is claiming!

Two eyewitnesses tell that they witnessed the 19-year-old girl lip kissing her unofficial adopted brother, the site wrote. (Nick Gordon is 22 years old.)

Bobbi and Nick were in the music section and then all over the store, the source told Hollywood Life. Bobbi was kissing him on the mouth and holding hands. They were laughing and smiling and seemed so happy.

The two aren't biologically related, or even legally related (Whitney Houston never officially Nick Gordon), but the couple, who's apparently been living as brother and sister for ten years, are obviously turning heads.

Though the two were clearly close before mother Whitney's death last month, they seem to have found refuge in each other since then. Bobbi Kristina Brown's grandmother, Cissy Houston, has reportedly been trying to keep them apart (she thinks Nick's a bad influence on Bobbi Kris), but he was the only person she wanted to spend her birthday with, and the two were seen out together in Atlanta days after the funeral, despite Cissy's threat to evict him.

Looking back at Bobbi Kris's old Twitter account, @realbkbrown, there were indeed clues that the two were more than just adopted brother and sister. Back in November 2011, mother's before Whitney's death, Bobbi Kristina posted: I love sleeping with big brudder (: only person that helps my insomnia B!! Hah (: #teamfamilia!

Nick also treated Bobbi Kristina as a sister, tweeting from his account @ndgordon in December: watching drum line with the lil sis @realbkbrown.

Hollywood Life concludes from the past tweet history that Whitney knew about this relationship and didn't put a stop to it, letting Bobbi Kristina and Nick live under the same roof, although that seems a bit more tenuous than their two eyewitness reports of the two macking it at Target.