Bobby Dale Earnhardt, the first grandson of fallen racing icon Dale Earnhardt and a would-be NASCAR driver, was arrested Monday night for allegedly driving drunk in Charleston, W. Va.

According to the Charleston radio station WCHS, Earnhardt, 25, was arrested just before midnight on Monday. Charleston police told reporters that they arrived on the scene around 11:40 p.m. after Earnhardt was observed driving erratically. They said that he had been driving above the speed limit, making wide turns and causing the tires of his car to squeal loudly on the street.

Earnhardt admitted to police that he had been drinking at a bar earlier in the night and a sobriety test revealed that his blood alcohol level was above .15. Police charged Earnhardt with aggravated DUI and took him to the South Central Regional Jail.

On his personal website, Earnhardt says that he is committed to becoming a NASCAR driver “with determination and hard work.” “Bobby Dale intends to earn his way onto the starting field of the biggest stages in motorsports,” the site states.

On Monday, hours before his arrest, Earnhardt tweeted, “Come out and join us tomorrow in Beckley Wv Habitat for Humanity of Wv helping people to help themselves.”

Despite the news, fans of the aspiring racecar driver offered supportive messages on his professional Facebook page. “Bobby, Bobby, Bobby, sorry to hear the news this morning.... but crap happens,” one Facebook user wrote. “Move on from this and keep yourself safe and sober... we all make mistakes and learn from them.... Just remember you have Family and Friends and Fans that are pulling for you...... Take care Buddy and keep your head up [sic].”

“Prayers Bobby!!!! John has very good advice!!!!” another user wrote.

Earnhardt was scheduled to be arraigned by a magistrate judge on Tuesday morning, WOWKTV reported.