Bobby Petrino is the latest person to become a victim of Next Media Animation. is famous for parodying different news events by creating Taiwanese animation videos. The Petrino scandal has all the elements needed to make a good parody.

Petrino's affair with Arkansas employee Jessica Dorrell is just the tip of the iceberg. The motorcycle accident, attempted cover-up, and subsequent details of their relationship made this an ideal story to parody, and are all covered in the video.

Even a week after Petrino finally admitted to his affair, more information about the coach and Dorrell's relationship is being revealed.

Most recently, Petrino's phone records revealed that his relationship with Dorrell dates as far back as Sept. 12. The two exchanged dozens of text messages on multiple occasions. Petrino and Dorrell frequently texted each other on days in which Arkansas had games.

Below is the Taiwanese animation parody of the Petrino scandal.