Bobby Petrino, disgraced Arkansas football coach has had some serious bad luck lately. Besides cheating on his wife, Petrino's infidelity's have leaked to the press, which pictures surfacing of his two mistresses, Jessica Dorrell and Alison Melder.

Dorrell worked as the student athlete development coordinator for the University of Arkansas football team. Their relationship was uncovered after a motorcycle accident in which she was a passenger on Petrino's bike. Melder, a senate assistant with the Republican Party of Arkansas, began exchanging messages in September. It is currently unclear how the know each other or what exactly their relationship is.

In records obtained by the Associated Press and media outlets, Petrino's guilty messages were leaked on the Internet, revealing over 4,3000 text messages and almost 300 phone calls between Petrino and Dorrell in the past seven months. Melder and Petrino on the other hand only exchanged roughly 200 text and photo messages.

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