At the conclusion of years of work on the 787 Dreamliner, Boeing Co., along with Spirit Aerosystems, has declared a tour of their new design, for 1,100 employees and suppliers, open. The Dreamliner finally returned to Kansas, where it was partially built, to go on display to all the people who had worked on the project.

The sections built in Kansas include the forward fuselage (Section 41) and pylon. An important factor of the new design is that the plane is made of composite materials, which reportedly allows it to travel longer distances using less fuel.

20 percent better fuel efficient, lower emissions, everything about it is far better than anything in its class size, said Boeing's Vice President, George Maffeo.

Apart from this, the aircraft also features larger luggage racks and LED track lighting, which dims and brightens cabin lights according to the stage of flight. The model also features wider seats, more space in the cabin room and can seat up to 300 passengers. The Dreamliner does not have window shades; instead it has a push-button feature that automatically tints the windows.

There's a lot pride of workmanship. That's exciting to see, how interested people are in the airplane and how interested they are in how their work was used to build the airplane, Heather Ross, a 787 project pilot from Seattle was quoted as saying.

Following the display at Wichita, Kansas, the 787 Dream Tour will continue to other places like Illinois, Ireland and Alabama.