Luxury Aircraft: The world is a constantly changing place and

companies, manufacturers and builders alike must constantly change as

well to meet the demands of the evolving world population. Boeing,

which has been a leader and innovator in the aviation industry for

years, has recently updated their line of airplanes and jets to become

more efficient and luxurious in order to accommodate the world's

demands for the latest and greatest.

The new 787 Dreamliner features the new look of Boeing with highly

curved exterior surfaces and use of composite materials for its body

construction. The 787 Dreamliner brings the concepts of less is more

and more is more together to create a truly unique and innovative

aircraft. The 787 uses composite material for most of its construction,

which lowers the overall weight of the vehicle and helps it have a

better fuel economy. The design of the 787 Dreamliner creates a larger,

roomier cabin, giving passengers a more luxurious flight and pleasing


The features of the new 787, a more spacious interior combined with a

lighter, more fuel-efficient construction, shows what Boeing's focuses

are for the future: an emphasis on more economical and environmentally

friendly aircrafts. Even the manufacturing process has been reduced by

eliminating about 1,500-aluminum sheets and 40,000 fasteners for just a

single section of the aircraft. Passengers and airlines alike will love

the new look and feel of the 787. Passengers will delight in the added

cabin space, while airlines will benefit from an estimated 20% better

fuel economy and more cargo room.

From every angle, the luxurious new Boeing will be an airplane for a brighter future.