The storyline for episodes of the CBS soap opera "The Bold and the Beautiful" on Thursday and Friday will be about Quinn taking advantage of Ivy's vulnerable state. The episodes will focus on these characters: Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood), Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton), Ivy Forrester (Ashleigh Brewer) and Quinn Fuller (Rena Sofer).

The upcoming episodes will happen after the events that took place in Wednesday's episode, in which Steffy wanted to walk down memory lane with Liam in the hopes of rekindling his feelings for her. Ridge also discouraged Wyatt from pursuing his daughter Steffy.

Spoiler Alert! This article contains "The Bold and the Beautiful" spoilers. Read only if you want to know more. TV Guide reports that on Thursday, Quinn tries to gain Ivy's complete trust -- and will use her manipulative and scheming ways to do it. Quinn will also take advantage of Ivy's vulnerability. Meanwhile, Steffy is furious at Liam for marrying Ivy and ruining their chances of getting back together.

The show posted a preview video for its Thursday episode on its official YouTube channel. It shows scenes featuring Ivy, Quinn, Wyatt, Ridge, Steffy and Liam. Quinn tries to be supportive of Ivy's feelings regarding Liam. Quinn tells Ivy that it's fine to admit that she wants things to be OK with her new husband. She also assures Ivy that Liam truly loves her because he jumped in the Seine for her in the past and he also agreed to marry her.

Wyatt tells Ridge that his interest in Steffy is not a secret. Plus, Steffy asks Liam if he knows what he actually got himself into. This is one of her many reactions to the news of Liam and Ivy's sudden nuptials.

We Love Soaps also reports that in "The Bold and the Beautiful" episode on Friday, Quinn will permit Wyatt to follow his heart and go after what he truly desires. Meanwhile, Steffy will be assertive when it comes to Liam. This isn't surprising because Steffy has always been a feisty and confident woman who refuses to accept defeat.

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