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It is fair to say that this match is the clash between the wobblers. Both teams have fallen from positions of power and are experiencing bad times. Before October, Chelsea looked incapable of making the smallest error. However, a dramatic dip in form witnessed their worst run since 1998, in which they managed just two wins off their last 10 games.  

Before Christmas, Bolton were near and about 5th in the table, with impressive wins over Newcastle and Tottenham. However, their blip in form started, ironically, in the reverse fixture against Chelsea .They haven't won in the league since.

Chelsea manager Carlo Ancelotti admitted that their blip in form was in part due to their pursuit of beautiful football, which made them vulnerable. However, he stopped short of saying that a reversal of tactics was necessary and instead said improvement was what was needed.

For Chelsea to win a game, we have to play well, play good football. We are not able to win a game if we are not able to play well. We played very well last season and when we didn't play well, we lost the game the same way we have lost them this season.