Today, Bond Laboratories, Inc. announced the addition of Double Eagle Beverage, Inc. to its growing list of distributors for Resurrection™ Anti-Hangover drink. According to the press release, Double Eagle is the company’s first distributor in the state of Nebraska. With this latest addition, Resurrection™ is now available in fifteen states.

“Double Eagle recognized the value of Resurrection™ Anti-Hangover drink, which has created a new ‘hangover prevention’ category in the functional beverage market. They moved quickly to begin distribution in late December in order to take advantage of both increased retail activity around the New Years celebration and incremental sales volumes typically associated with category creating products,” stated Scott Slocum, President of Fusion Premium Beverages, an operating division of Bond Laboratories. “We are excited about our new relationship with Double Eagle and look forward to continued growth in the state.”

“We hit the ground running,” commented Joe Ouellette, General Manager for Double Eagle. “Give credit to Heidi Larsen, our Non-Alcohol Sales Representative. She knew what the retailers were looking for and was able to secure authorization from many of our local accounts very quickly. What gets me even more excited is the fact that nearly 50% of these outlets have already placed re-orders. I see a phenomenal opportunity for Resurrection™ to drive incremental revenue and profitability growth throughout the entire Double Eagle system.”