Bond Laboratories, Inc., a manufacturer of innovative nutritional supplements and beverages, generates revenues through a variety of avenues with their products. The Company’s NDS Nutrition division has been particularly successful. In November and December of 2010, the division recorded months that saw revenues increase over the same month in the year prior by 32 percent and 35 percent, respectively.

Agreements to put their products on the shelves at places such as GNC, a leading global specialty retailer of nutritional products, is not only branding the name, but reaping strong financial rewards. GNC has more than 4,800 retail locations throughout the United States (including more than 1,000 domestic franchise locations and more than 1,200 locations inside Rite Aid stores) and franchise operations in 48 international markets. NDS products are not in each location, but the numbers are growing steady and clearly offer a significant opportunity for growth in the years to come as the products continue to gain popularity through ongoing expansion.

For most investors, “the proof is in the pudding” and the NDS financial reports recently released exhibited the increasing demand for NDS products. January 2011 revenue once again topped the previous year’s month, registering an increase of 31 percent as $785,837 in revenues were reported for the first month of 2011 as compared to $600,943 in January 2010.

Pre-workout supplements give an extra boost to gym enthusiasts and the NDS pre-workout category has been experiencing massive growth regularly with sales from this aspect of their product line increasing by 93% over the previous January. Pump Fuel® has evolved into the product of choice as it continues to be one of the top selling pre-workout products for GNC. Less than two months ago, NDS launched a ACG3 as the latest addition to its pre-workout line. Initial market feedback has been stellar and the Company is moving quickly to meet demand and expand availability through its distribution network.

While the NDS Nutritional division is just one component of the Bond Laboratories business strategy, having the solid revenue stream while other products, such as Bond’s “Resurrection Anti-Hangover” beverage, are gaining national exposure is keeping this company firmly planted as a bulletin board company with large potential. The tiny $9 million market cap may soon be a thing of the past if month over month revenues continue to grow at the pace that they have been exhibiting now through the final quarter of 2010 and the start of 2011.

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