Bond Laboratories, Inc. today introduced Fusion’s newest product to hit the market, Fusion 6+ Hr Premium Energy Gum. According to the press release, just two pieces equals one cup of coffee. Fusion Premium Energy Gum has been designed to absorb into the body 3 times faster than most energy drinks, providing sustained energy with a peppermint flavor that also keeps breath fresh.

“As sales of Fusion Premium Energy 6+Hour Energy Boost continue to gain traction across North America, we recognize that there is a very large group of consumers who have not adapted to energy drinks or 2 oz. shots. In fact, close to 75% of adults still prefer to get their caffeine from coffee, which is three times the market for energy drinks and too large a market to ignore,” commented Scott Landow, Bond Laboratories CEO.

“Fusion Premium Energy is all about ‘Premium Energy,’ not just energy shots/drinks,” he added. “The Fusion Premium Energy 6+Hour Energy Boost was our initial entry into the category, but it is just one of the many ways we see getting consumers their energy buzz. Recognizing the importance of convenience, we set out several months ago to develop our own energy gum. Our breakthrough new product delivers a coffee strength caffeine boost plus a great taste to freshen the breath.”