Bond Laboratories, Inc., a manufacturer of innovative functional beverages and nutritional products, recently announced its financial results for the fourth quarter ended December 31, 2009. The company generated revenue from continuing operations of more than $1.7 million, compared to $1.0 million during the fourth quarter of 2008, an increase of 70 percent. Continuing operations for the fourth quarter of 2008 excludes approximately $360,000 of revenue directly attributable to operations divested by the company during the third quarter of 2009.

Bond Laboratories attributes the company’s strong financial growth to solid expansion within its NDS division and the recent launch of Resurrection™ Anti-Hangover drink. Resurrection™, from the company’s Fusion Premium Beverages division, continues to exceed expectations and is currently being distributed to over 20,000 locations, including convenience stores, liquor stores, bars and restaurants.

John S. Wilson, chief executive officer of Bond Laboratories, stated, “This was a breakout year for Bond Labs. The really impressive thing about our growth is that it came during a traditionally slow period in the nutritional products industry. Plus, all revenues represent pure growth as we made no new acquisitions during the year.”