Bonfire Productions Inc. is a development-stage company focused on the recording, publication and distribution of children’s fairy tales via its Web site and other online retailers. The company works to bleed international lines, providing multi-cultural content.

The company today announced it has inked a merger agreement with Intervision Network Corp. (IVSW.PK) (IVNet), a streaming media technology company working through its subsidiary to provide production, distribution and development of Internet Protocol Television (IPTV).

According to the press release, Bonfire Productions plans to launch the entire line of IVNet products (, centering on the Ice Mobile ( media phone, capable of broadcasting worldwide.

Not only will the agreement move Bonfire into the mobile marketplace, but the IPTV market as well, utilizing IVNet’s technology and experience in Internet-based multimedia transmissions. In addition to Mobile Ice, IVNet also offers iStream IPTV and IVNET.TV, working to provide an array of digital entertainment. The company has established a network of more than 23 countries with a varying demographic.