EnerNOC (ENOC) has impressively broken above resistance into the $29.30s; I have highlighted in the box below my first trade(s) of this stock - when we first bought near the 200 day moving average and then sold the stock in 2 batches (here) and (here) - leaving only a holding stake as of last Tuesday. 

After a rejection at resistance, the stock has done another U-turn an fulfilled our condition for re-expanding the stake.   As we wrote last Tuesday:

At this time I would not be interested in buying back until it falls back to the 200 day or moves north of $29. Until then, it will sit as a 0.1% position while we await a more compelling entry point.

I've added 2.5% exposure in the $29.30s; we'll be holding unless it breaks back below the moving averages it just cruised through.  Impressive action and thus far textbook.

[Nov 23, 2009: Bookkeeping - Beginning Stake in Smart Grid Company EnerNOC]