BHP Billiton (BHP) filled a gap from last week, falling under $78 this morning - so we've added to the position with a limit purchase order that was sitting in the lower $78s; for some off reason I did not place the purchase price just below $78 where it should have been.  This will increase the current 1.8%ish exposure by about 1/3rd.

As for the market, it has been right to sell index long exposure each time we get approach S&P 1150.  Soon we will need to resolve this line in the sand and break over ... or break down.  As the S&P hits 1137s I am buying back a portion of the index long exposure I sold yesterday over 1146.  But not all - some more downside nearer to 1133 could be in store.

Long BHP Billiton in fund; no personal position