RF Micro Devices (RFMD) which we took profit on a few weeks ago after a 32% gain in 2.5 weeks [Sep 17: Bookkeeping - Selling 1/3rd RF Micro Devices] has now come back to fill it's gap just over $5. As I wrote in the Sept piece:

I'm selling around $5.75; it would be most excellent to buy it back around $5 if we are so fortunate.

Close enough here at $5.10 - the gap is probably closer to $5.00 but I was able to get back the stake I sold for a 11%+ discount. I see a lot of charts very similar to this... I am more than happy to buy just over a moving average with the way I trade; but if the market finally corrects I will have my stop losses ready as well, and will reverse course if need be.

Long RF Micro Devices in fund and personal account