Reasoning: Complete and utter boredom in regard to the stock's performance for weeks on end.

Reasoning 2: While the stock has not done anything bad, it certainly has done almost nothing good either in these past 2 months while the market rallies endlessly. Underachiever. There are countless companies losing money hand over fist, up 50% in this time frame and I would have been far better served buying one of those. Why I bother with profitable, growing companies is a mystery to me.

id=BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5381760365401621730Taking our 0.5% stake in GeoEye (GEOY) and securing a minor 4% gain. If past is precedent, the stock should begin an epic rally beginning tomorrow. A close over $26.50 should bring in buyers...

[Aug 10, 2009: GeoEye Beats Expectations on Bottom Line, Slight Miss on Top]

[May 13, 2009: Starting GeoEye on; Should Benefit from DigitalGlobe IPO]

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