The position is not large but I am going to do my normal process of cutting back a position as it breaks support and then waiting to see what to do with the last batch.  Currently, the look of Akamai Technologies (AKAM) is worse than it was last night in after hours as the stock is down 10%, double the situation of last evening at the end of the AH session.  Identical to Netflix (NFLX) we've cut exposure, the stock is having its bipolar earnings reaction as everyone over reacts, and then we have to see a recovery very quickly or we will be out and instead will return later after the chart repairs itself.   Sometimes you see a very quick rebound intraday (think Amazon last week) but more often than not once the momo boys get hit, they run and don't come back for quite a while.  That's my gut feel with AKAM but I'll give it to either Friday or Monday.

For today, I cut back the modest position (1.2%ish after today's selloff) in half, and the other half will hold in waiting for 24-48 market hours.

p.s. I am seeing the same reaction in Netlogic MicroSystems (NETL) - which I thought had a better report than AKAM.  Ouch.

Long Akamai Technologies in fund; no personal position