In retrospect should have just kept my index shorts on from yesterday.  With the S&P 500 finally breaking out of this day long range, and slicing through 1066 I will add the same 2 instruments I had yesterday (TNA/BGU) short but make the position sizes bigger this time, instead of 2% each more like 4%.

I am debating the first foray into SPY options (puts of course) in about 6 weeks as well... I'm rusty.

Initial downside target is S&P 1056ish.  Bulls need a close back over 1070 to set up any chance at Magical Mondays.

I am very surprised at today's action as I thought the market would do little with no economic news.  Instead we sold off because Asia/Europe sold off... which are weak due to the action in the U.S. yesterday.  That is so circular as to make little sense.

Further in the strange zone, about 2/3rds of my long positions are in the green today thus far.

Short TNA/BGU in fund; no personal position