I had a bevy of limit orders hit this morning - these are all mechanical trades that I set out earlier and just happened to hit at once this morning.

First the limit purchases - these are not huge purchases but get us some exposure at far better prices than were to be had the past few weeks. All together about 2.75%

  1. BHP Billiton (BHP) @ $62 (executed at $61.77) - added about 0.75% exposure

  2. Blackstone Group (BX) @ $13.66 (executed at $13.44) - added about 0.75% exposure

  3. E-House Holdings (EJ) @ $20.55 (executed at $20.04) - added about 1.25% exposure

Please note - we just sold EJ out yesterday at $22.70! I said at the time I'd like to rebuy that stake below $21. Talk about volatility - almost got it a full dollar below my target, in under 24 hours. So we added to our core position Tuesday, it rallied 11% - we cut back, and then actually bought it back 11% lower. Fun.

Next, come stop losses - all 3 of these cut back roughly 1% of exposure, or 3% in total

  1. First American (FAF) @ $31.98 (executed at $31.91) - reason: protect profits

  2. Skyworks Solutions (SWKS) @ $12.15 (executed at $11.96) - reason: temporarily broke below 50 day

  3. TriQuint Semiconductor (TQNT) @ 6.90 (executed at $6.89) - reason: temporarily broke below 50 day

I've been taken out of my RF semiconductor exposure in a material way the past 24 hours (we have 3 names, and all 3 have been hit hard taking us into stop losses); so if the market recovers I'll be looking to get back into these names.

All in all, we netted out to no change in long exposure - it just flipped from 3 stocks to another.

EDIT 10:40 AM - Limit order to buy Las Vegas Sands (LVS) @$14.55 just hit; a 0.7% allocation

Long all names mentioned in fund; no personal positions