Hopefully it works out as well as the last trip where we made a quick 9% in about 7 sessions; just covered Monday.

Covering Valueclick (VCLK) around $10.05 - all of it, nice quick profit of about 9% in 6-7 sessions with 4% of the fund. I will reshort on any decent bounce (+6-7%)

And here we are again in a market with no memory from day to day. My limit order to short Valueclick (VCLK) at $10.75 should be hitting as we speak. We'll do the exact same 4% allocation we did last time around - I see upside to $11.00ish - we'll stop out around mid $11.20s if and when.

Until Valueclick can show it can break north of resistance we'll attempt to keep mining this trade.


Still watching that semiconductor short mentioned yesterday as well ... also added back the 20% October 95 SPY Put exposure we sold off Monday, so now we're back to the full 3% exposure in our insurance fund

Short Valueclick in fund and personal account; same for October 95 SPY Puts