I am selling 1/5th of Atheros Communications (ATHR) around $43.27 as the stock is up about 9% today.  Why?  Because I can.

If you are a momo chaser you should be doing the exact opposite of what I am doing and shaking down your broker for shares, as many as possible.  Because stocks only go up; no on gets hurt buying stocks up 10% in a day... or 30% in a month... or 50%+ in 2 months.  The Bernanke Forcefield protects us all from market forces...unless those forces push us upward.  Then they are allowed.  This gap won't be filled until 2014.  Or when Larry Summers allows it.

If I'm lucky F5 Networks (FFIV) will do the exact same thing tomorrow.  Frankly I am surprised the earnings report generated this much of a response but whatever, it's 1999 v2.0.

I'll sell another 1/5th every $15 until we reach $100.  (which I estimate to be late June 2010, or sooner)

Long both names mentioned in fund; no personal position