I see so many charts like this, but really folks - when the maker of scotch tape begins to gap up on earnings we've reached a state of silly. I am shorting just under $70 with a nearly 4% allocation; what I like about this name is 99% of the time is it not volatile so unlike stocks we've generally been shorting I don't anticipate it opening up 11% any session. So if we are to lose on this position it will happen during an intraday movement and very easy to contain.

id=BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5363143948363780866There is an easy gap to fill at $65, that is our target (7% gain), we'll stop out over $71.50 which risks 2%.

There are again, COUNTLESS charts that look like this - when this market falls so many stocks will have no support to fall into.

Short 3M in fund and personal account