I've only chosen this name for the sport of it all [Mar 10, 2010: Some Stocks Have Not Gone Down in a Month] - I am short Maidenform Brands (MFB) @ $21.35 level, with a 3% allocation. Any move over recent highs (low $22s) will have me out with modest losses of 4%ish.

A dream scenario would be to fill that gap near $18 but I will be content with more conservative targets.

With that I am short $300 jeans and cheap bras.  I won't even make a sarcastic comment, although tempted.

Short Maidenform Brands in fund; no personal position

EDIT 11:10 AM (as outlined in previous post, I will be short indexes once 1160 has broke - which it is now doing, stop out will be something like 1163ish; near term target 1151-1152)