I am throwing some modest long index exposure on with (mental) stop loss below 1020

Modest positions here with our normal fare - 4% into TNA and 3% into SPY 103 (July) calls.  My upside target is 1040 where I will sell.  But thus far this has the potential to be a nice reversal day as we had a bout of panic in the morning, are well off the lows and if we close at highs of the days technicians will really like this day.  So 1040 could just be stop #1.  That does not change the intermediate term.

I am *not* interesting in making mad money on the upside - just looking to pilfer some additional bucks for quick in and outs.  And avoiding the snap back rallies with the short plays.  So far so good.

NAV is at all time high.

Long stuff above in fund