Nothing like an insider trading scandal to rally a stock! At least in the new paradigm (well actually its no different than the old paradigm circa 1999 - just replace Alan flooding the world with dollars to Ben taking it up by a multiple of 50x)

Market makers found a way to run Moody's (MCO) to $25.28, of course taking our short stop loss limit out at $25.20... the stock is back down to $24.40 as I type. Either way, it's impossible to hold a short these days; we pecked at a few here or there but trying to run any sort of hedged strategy is laughable at this point. That was a quick and easy 8% loss. Right now with 3% short exposure we have to be at our lowest (that I can recall) since we began in August 2007.

Looking at the chart it appears my stop loss was placed incorrectly by about 10 cents (should of been a tad higher)... but really if you don't believe in technical analysis, could this chart prove to you any better the entire market is based on computers following PhD programmed rules... look at that run right to a moving average and then reversal... almost to the penny.


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