China has been up 6 sessions in a row, so our short term purchase in Morgan Stanley China A Share Fund (CAF) last Monday was well timed (under $30), I am going to head for the exits and repurchase if the fund (a) falls back or (b) jumps over resistance that it currently sits at. I had only began rebuilding the position since I thought there could be more downside, but in this case while we nailed a bottom, the fund reversed and rallied strongly - not allowing us to create a much larger position lower. Cutting majority of the position just under $33.

Similarly, the only one of our 15 limit buy orders that hit last week was CNinsurance (CISG) - we had a fortunate limit order entry at $16.00 that hit last Monday, so I'm going to take the quick 1 week 20% gain and run. Cutting this back to a 0.1% stake as the stock has rallied to just under $19.

I'll replace this long exposure with some index long stuff.

Long both names in fund; no personal position