The Internet has undoubtedly changed and subsequently improved communication. Since its inception, the goal of the Web was to provide people with new ways to send and receive information and thus far, it has done that particularly well. Today, social media is at the forefront of online communication. The evolution of social networks has led to their increased usage which is now measureable on a global scale. Over the past several years, social media hasn't just changed communication; it has also changed Internet marketing.

A large percentage of the online population constitutes social networkers. In fact, Facebook alone boasts over 845 million active users and those users are not just beneficial to the Facebook brand, but they benefit E-Commerce, as well. Both Internet sales revenues and social media usage have risen recently and not surprisingly, there is a correlation between the two.

Internet marketing companies realize the potential of social media as an outlet to advertise and promote products or services to a relevant, targeted audience. Social networking sites afford users the opportunity to interact with one another and share products and brands, as well as offer reviews for them. Various companies with online storefronts have been enhancing their presence in social media. Recently, Twitter announced that sponsored tweets will appear on mobile devices. This strategy, as well as Facebook's addition of mobile ads, is a move intended to boost advertising revenues on social networks across mobile platforms. This advertising is expected to generate a substantial amount of income for Twitter and Facebook primarily because a majority of their users also happen to be savvy online consumers. Social media also provides a type of instant gratification for businesses. They're able to monitor consumer feedback in real-time, which has proven to be very advantageous to many companies and has even changed entire marketing campaigns.

Communication is now, more than ever, playing an important role in business and social media is arguably one of the most widely utilized methods of user interaction on the Web. As time goes on, many more brands are likely to incorporate social interactivity and enhancement into their business models. If this present trend continues as many online marketers predict, the future of E-Commerce is likely to be largely reliant on social communication.