I consider myself pretty healthy. I'm a near vegetarian, I exercise a lot and I don't do drugs. But, I drink. Cut me some slack - I'm young, single and booze is the perfect icebreaker.


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But, drinking comes with a price - and I'm not talking about a $12 Heineken at a Yankees game. A new report claims alcohol is a common risk factor in suicides.

Published in the CDC's Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, an analysis of 19,255 suicides in 17 states (such as New Jersey, Colorado and California), during 2005 and 2006, showed 28% of adults ages 20 to 49, were intoxicated when they committed suicide.

Men were the hardest hit. Officials say 25% of men were intoxicated, compared to only 18% of women. And, in places like New Mexico, it could be worse. Experts suspect alcohol plays a role in 40% of suicides.

Listen, drinking is fun for a short time, but dead is forever. Be proactive and honest with yourself. Booze or no booze, if you feel yourself slipping away. Get help. I did.