Developer Gearbox Software announced on Thursday new details for the company’s anticipated multiplayer shooter “Battleborn,” which will apparently mix the genres of a first-person shooter (FPS) with a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA). The shooter is currently in development for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, though neither Gearbox Software nor 2K Games have given an official release date for the game.

One of the more surprising announcements was that “Battleborn” would launch with 25 different characters, already adding plenty of variety in this multiplayer-focused shooter. A report from Gamespot states that each character will have unique abilities and weapons, both of which can grow stronger as the player continues to use them and level them up through the game’s “Helix System.” This can be applied to the singe player missions and the multiplayer bouts.

Speaking of single player missions, a story mode for the game has been confirmed and players can witness the game’s story solo or with up to four players, via splitscreen co-op or online play. Gearbox was quick to stress that a player can finish the entire story mode if he or she chooses to play without friends, so players who aren’t fans of multiplayer games have an option to play the mode by themselves.

Players who do like multiplayer games, however, will have plenty of options and modes to check out with their friend, rivals and friendly rivals. According to Polygon, the multiplayer of “Battleborn” will have 10 players face each other in five-on-five matches, with three distinct modes to choose from when the game launches.

These modes are Incursion, Devastation and Meltdown. Incursion will have teams taking on a legion of AI controlled minions while working with each other to destroy the opposing team’s base. Devastation will have a team of heroes fight each other in a fast-paced death match, where players must capture and hold on objectives to win. Finally, Meltdown will have two teams face each other and protect their minions as they march to their death for points, with extra points to the minions who throw themselves into the incinerator.

More information about “Battleborn” will be released on Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in June 2015, so it will be interesting to see what details Gearbox and 2K will share. Currently, Gearbox is also working on “Borderlands 3.”

"Every Kind of Badass" E3 2015 Trailer - Battleborn (Credit: YouTube/GameSpot)