The Boston Bruins beat the Vancouver Canucks 4-0 on Wednesday night.  In doing so, the Bruins won the Stanley Cup as the champions of the NHL, a historic victory for a franchise that hasn't won the title since 1972.

The Bruins won after seven grueling games in which the team had to endure questionable behavior by the Canucks' players.

First, in Game 1, during a massive tussle, cameras caught Alex Burrows biting Bruins' Patrice Bergeron's finger.

The NHL failed to suspend Burrows, but his meal left a sour taste with Bruins players and their fans, especially after Burrows went on to score the game winner in Game 2.

Then, in Game 3, the Canucks' Aaron Rome delivered a vicious late blindside hit on Nathan Horton.

Horton had to be carted out of the game to the hospital for a severe concussion.

This time, the NHL finally acted and Rome was suspended for the rest of the series. 

The Bruins won Game 3 after dropping the first two. 

The Bruins actually used the Horton injury as fuel to buckle down and win the series in seven games over the Canucks.

In the end, the Boston Bruins finished as champions.

The Vancouver Canucks went home as just plain losers.