By winning the 2016 Boston Marathon, Lemi Berhanu Hayle and Atsede Baysa will both be rewarded with six-figure paydays. The men’s and women’s first-place finishers get $150,000 for their efforts on Monday.

The prize money for the Boston Marathon is equal for both men and women. A total of $706,000 will be distributed among the top-15 finishers, though even more money would have been won if records had been broken.

Finishing in second place, Lelisa Desisa and Tirfi Tsegaye earned $75,000 each. Third-place finishers get $40,000, and the runners who finished in fourth place receive $25,000.

Prize money and bonuses for records were first distributed in 1986. Since then, the top runners have been awarded over $18 million.

The winner in the master’s divisions, which includes runners ages 40 and older, earn $10,000 each. The first-place finishers in the wheelchair division get $20,000 each.

First Place: $150,000

Second Place: $75,000

Third Place: $40,000

Fourth Place: $25,000

Fifth Place: $15,000

Sixth Place: $12,000

Seventh Place: $9,000

Eighth Place: $7,400

Ninth Place: $5,700

10th Place: $4,200

11th Place: $2,600

12th Place: $2,100

13th Place: $1,800

14th Place: $1,700

15th Place: $1,500