Boston Mayor Thomas Menino is an institution in the city. He has been mayor since 1993 and at age 69 isn't showing signs of relinquishing the post.

But despite how beloved he is in the city, he seems to have real trouble keeping the cities great sports stars and accomplishments straight.

In 2010, while honoring a newly installed statue of Bobby Orr outside of the Boston Garden, Menino, who claims to be a sports fan, let fly with a list of Boston's great accomplishments.

Havlicek stole the ball; Fisk waving the ball fair; Flutie launching the Hail Mary pass; Varitek splitting the uprights,'' he said. Unfortunately for Menino it was Adam Vinatieri a Patriots kicker and not Jason Varitek, who caught for the Red Sox who split the uprights twice to give the Patriots a pair of Super Bowl titles.

He has called Bill Mueller, Bill Miller; Jim Lonborg was rechristened Lomberg, Wes Welker became Wekler and Rob Gronkowski became Grabowski.

He doesn't stop with Boston sports figures either. Menino once called David Stern Donald Sterns, at a community center dedication.

Now those tricky names have left the mayor tongue-tied again. Wednesday he was asked about the Celtic's success by some reporters at an event in Boston. It was an off the cuff question, but one that is not out of the ordinary for a mayor who calls himself a sports fan.

This time Menino went back into history referring to Kevin Garnett as K.J. and Rajon Rondo as Hondo. On the face of things it seems like Menino doesn't know the players on the team, or maybe he has trouble remembering them when he is not reading a prepared statement.

On the other hand, Menino leads off the quote talking about how much the Celtic miss second year guard Avery Bradley. That is a fairly nuanced and unprompted observation from him that does indicate that he knows the game and knows the team.

In Boston it will undoubtedly go down as another odd sports moment from a mayor who has had so many that they are practically endearing at this point. Check out his Hondo and KJ references in the video below.