The 42-year-old actress and former Friends star has been managing to look young with almost no bothersome wrinkles on her face. She has admitted to using Botox but says that she hated its hard effect.

Speaking to Heat magazine, in February, she said: You're supposed to lie when people come back from bad surgery. You go, 'No, I don't think ... I think that looks totally natural. Oh, your lips don't look too big...'

I think people lose perspective, I really do. I think it's an unfortunate thing. I think we, in our society, do not, for some reason, believe that you can age gracefully. I think women who are doing too much to their faces are actually making themselves look older as a result.

Though her claims might sound like she wouldn't use Botox to get rid of aged looks, her recent public appearances with a rather stiff and wrinkleless facial skin had some experts wondering if she had tried anti-aging aids.

Here are some pictures: