Beyoncé is gearing up for her world tour, "The Mrs. Carter Show" (named after her husband Jay-Z's real name, Shawn Carter), and has released a new song ahead of her anticipated shows.

The 31-year-old superstar kicks her tour off in July and debuted a controversial track, “Bow Down,” on Sunday. The cover art for the new single features a young Beyoncé wearing a beauty pageant crown and surrounded by numerous trophies.

The song is different from previous anthems that Beyoncé has released, such as “Girls Run the World” and “Single Ladies,” which send an empowering message to women. Lyrics for “Bow Down” include "I know when you were little girls/You dreamt of being in my world/Don't forget it, don't forget it/ Respect that, bow down [expletives].”

Beyoncé has at least one celebrity fan, rapper Azelia Banks, who tweeted, “Loving this new Beyonce Jammmmmm! "Bow Down" is the truth teaaaaaa!!!!”

But many listeners were not huge fans of Beyoncé's new single. Michael Shawn, comedian and air personality on K104 FM, wrote, “Beyoncé now wants [expletive] to bow down. Really Bee!!! Exactly who do you think you are!!! You've listen to too many Jay Z songs.”

“I’d be so pissed if I was a Beyoncé fan right now,” wrote @AnthonyGrayson. “That Bow Down song is horrendous.”

This new music will be the first since the birth of her baby girl, Blue Ivy, and her last studio album, "4," which was released last year.

"She's got her stuff going. She took the summer to start recording, and now she's in a place where she's ready to start gearing up to reveal her plan. She's already gearing up to get ready to put stuff out,” the Dream said in a statement back in December.

Beyoncé's last major tour was in 2009 for her “I Am ..." world tour.

She will begin the new tour in Belgrade, Serbia, and travel to 15 European countries before coming to the United States June 28.

Listen to "Bow Down" below: