Victims of bullies will tell any lie to intimidate their predators, but a 10-year-old school boy from Ohio took it a step too far when he brought in a BB gun to school in an aim to scare them off. 

The boy, who says he was bullied because he wears ankle braces, was charged with the delinquency count on Monday after police were summoned to an elementary school in Cincinnati Village of Elmwood place.

The school's principal told police that the boy showed the gun to at least five other students and threatened to shoot them if they told anyone he was possession of the weapon, reported.

The boy eventually admitted to the police that he had the gun and claiming that his bullies had stuffed him in a trash can, and he was trying to protect himself from them. 

Police Sgt. Kevin Vancouver told the Associated Press that the orange tip of the gun has been broken off and it looked real. 

The boy, whose name has not been released, was taken home after his incident and remained in his mother's custody why he awaited a Hamilton county Juvenile Court hearing on Wednesday.His mother told police that he got the gun from his uncle and she didn't know her son was in possession of it. 

The boy has been charged with inducing panic. The school district released a statement on Wednesday saying that federal and state laws prohibit school officials from discussing specifics, in order to fully investigate the allegations made regarding all of the students involved, and to determine any violations of school regulations, the AP reported. 

Another Juvenile Charged after BB gun Pallet Breaks Window 

Another juvenile was charged this week for Reckless Endangerment after shooting at a school bus window with a BB gun. 

The 12-year-old from Sullivan County, TN, shot at the bus and broke a window where a 7-year-old student was sitting. The child was not injured, according to

The boy's father told officials that his son had been out shooting the BB gun but must have missed his target. He says the shooting was not intentional, and that he has been aiming at a basketball goal near his driveway.