When "Girls" debut this year, the HBO series was called out for being a vain showcase of first world problems. Created by and starring Lena Dunham, the show has accused of exemplifying the rampant nepotism that exists with-in the entertainment industry.

Dunham is the daughter of playwright Laurie Simmons and the rest of the cast also have well-connected parents. Zosia Mamet is playwright David Mamet's daughter. Jemima Kirke is the daughter Simon Kirke, of the famed rock band Bad Company. Allison Williams is the daughter of Brian Williams. The perceived nepotism in "Girls" is one element of the show that is mocked in a hilarious new parody.

The "Boys" promo hit the web Friday, courtesy of the site PeterFrankMike (an extension of FunnyorDie). It stars the fictionalized offspri g of Wolf Blitzer (Bear Blitzer), Pat Benatar (Patrick Benatar), Playwright John Patrick Shanley (John Patrick Shanley Jr.) and Daniel Craig (Craig Craig).

The male lead, clearly a riff on Dunham, complains that finding a job is going to interfere with becoming a filmmaker. In "Girls," her character, Hannah, doesn't want to work because it'll interfere with the memoir she's penning. It also takes a jab at her frequent nudity.

The supporting characters in "Boys" also mirror that of "Girls." There's the virginal one, the oversexed one, and one that is deeply unsatisfied in his relationship with a seemingly perfect girlfriend

So are the creators of the "Girls" offended by the spoof? Doesn't look that way -- executive producer Judd Apatow has given his stamp of approval.

"You need to see this hilarious send up of Girls," he Tweeted. We couldn't agree for.