BP expects no disruption to oil and gas production from a powerful storm that is expected to sweep across the North Sea this weekend.

BP spokesman Matt Taylor said some rough weather and high seas were predicted but it should not hamper output from the UK Continental Shelf oil and gas fields.

At this stage we do not anticipate any production problems, Taylor said in a statement.

The UK Meteorological Office has issued gale warnings for all its Shipping Forecast areas around Scotland and has warned of hurricane force winds at sea off Scotland's Western Isles.

The BBC weather service described the intense low pressure behind the North Sea storm as an absolute monster, predicting winds could gust up to 100 mph over land and even higher at sea, with the potential for waves of up to 18 metres (59 feet).

On Thursday, Norwegian oil and gas producer Statoil said the storm would lead to cuts or shutdowns in production over the weekend at oil and gas platforms.

(Reporting by Christopher Johnson and Oleg Vukmanovic)