“Fury” actor Brad Pitt is having an affair with his ex-wife, “Friends” alum Jennifer Aniston, the National Enquirer reported Wednesday. Pitt and Aniston seemingly rekindled their romance—even if it’s only emotional-- as rumors swirled that he and Jolie have drifted apart.

The cover of the National Enquirer reads: “Brad’s Second Quick With Jen.” The cover also adds: “Jolie on divorce rampage after clandestine hook-ups.”

The emotional affair started this month. The former couple met at Los Angeles International airport for their secret rendezvous. Pitt and Aniston reconnected after her mother died in May. “They conveniently arranged to be at the airport at the same time where they somehow thought no one would see them,” an insider dished.

Though some of the quotes make it seem like Pitt and Aniston’s meetup was sexual in nature, they apparently just met to chat, the National Enquirer noted. Even if they were just talking, Jolie she was enraged when she found out.

“Angie was furious when she learned about Brad and Jen’s first hook-up,” a source told National Enquirer. “She warned Brad that if he betrayed her again they were through!”

But Pitt didn’t listen and met with Aniston behind Jolie’s back, again. Once more, Jolie found out about the meetup. “Now that she knows Brad arranged a second meeting with Jen, she feels completely humiliated and wants revenge!” the insider said.

As noted in various reports, Jolie is reportedly struggling with her weight and depression. She has not confirmed the rumors. She reportedly weighs as little as 79 pounds, the National Enquirer wrote in a different article. 

Pitt and Jolie are regularly in the magazine about divorce rumors and the story by National Enquirer is nothing more than tabloid fodder. Gossip Cop, who regularly debunks celebrity rumors, said there was “no truth” to the story. “Brad Pitt is NOT ‘hooking up’ with Jennifer Aniston behind Angelina Jolie’s back, despite a made-up and misleading tabloid report,” the publication wrote Wednesday.

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