Braintech, Inc., a provider of software products that offer robust, scalable and transferable Vision Guided Robotic (VGR) solutions used for industrial and government and defense service applications, recently announced that the company’s wholly owned subsidiary, Braintech Government & Defense, Inc., received a subcontract from BAE Systems on a U.S. government and defense contract. Braintech is currently developing automated assembly solutions based on its industry-leading VGR technology in Phase II of the Automated Weapons Assembly project for the Office of Naval Research.

Adam Marsh, BAE Systems’ program manager, commented, “With its unique vision guidance software technology and dedicated technical team, Braintech is developing a critical system component that was key to proving to the customer that weapon assembly could be automated. Mr. Marsh concluded, “This will reduce the number of sailors required, reduce the risk of injuries and provide a reliable, repeatable process for the Navy. BAE Systems is very pleased to have Braintech on the AWA team and looks forward to a highly successful project.”

Rick Weidinger, Braintech, Inc.’s chief executive officer also stated, “We’re successfully adapting Braintech’s proprietary technology to provide vision guidance to specialized weapon assembly equipment.” He added, “Braintech’s vision software will be enhanced to facilitate unmanned assembly for a variety of weapons on a wide range of mobile and fixed platforms. The project requires robots and sailors to operate in very close proximity to each other, and Braintech’s vision software will help the system work safely and effectively.”