Malaysia Pargo’s best friend forever is returning to “Basketball Wives LA.” Brandi Maxiell confirmed that fans will see her on Season 5 of the VH1 series when it premieres this year.

It was rumored Brandi was axed from the show after an explosive fight she had with cast member and executive producer Shaunie O’Neal, but Brandi told Radar Online Shaunie had a change of heart and decided to keep her on the show. “You’ll see how everything plays out, and we just finished filming,” she said. “But we definitely went back to bad moments.”

Brandi added: “There were still bad feelings. It was really intense and difficult. I had a headache for about a month filming.” She wouldn’t give away too many details about what’s in store on the show, but did tell the outlet that it’s a “really good” season.

She also revealed that she and her husband, Jason Maxiell, have officially separated. Their marriage issues, stemming from his infidelity, played out during Season 4. “I don’t know the rules to that when you’re separated,” she said about dating. “What is wise, what is not wise. Plus I’ve been working so much that I haven’t really had the time.”

Shaunie announced during the Season 4 reunion that she would be changing up the cast for Season 5 after all the drama and fighting that went on. “I think we do need to sit down and make a few changes ... additions,” she said. “I cannot say who will or who will not be back.”

Draya Michele quit the series in the middle of Season 4, and Mehgan James announced last month she wasn’t coming back, either. The former star of “Bad Girls Club” didn’t reveal why she wasn’t returning, but tweeted to her fans that she was getting ready to film a new project. “You guys, I’m sorry, I’m not coming back to Bbwla,” she wrote. “So if you were watching for me, don’t lol Bc I’m not going to be on there. Butttt I do start filming for another project next month. #IKeepsAJob. Don’t get it twisted.”