BrandPartners Group Inc., a leading retail environment solutions provider to the financial services industry, announced this morning that it now offers a program for the bulk-purchase of vacant and under-performing branch, office and administrative facilities through its real estate affiliate, BancRealty Advisors. The Excess Bank Property Program strategically takes advantage of BrandPartners’ relationships as a result of servicing more than 35,000 bank branches.

The program provides a major new source of capital for financial institutions implementing acquisitions, including banks looking to re-finance TARP funding or re-examine their branch networks in today’s economic climate. The program provides cash while removing redundant properties from a bank’s balance sheet. It also gives the selling institution an opportunity to participate in the future income stream of the property.

“Smart bankers know that in order to focus on the future they need to free themselves of the things that are holding them back, specifically their real estate,” said Michael Purchia, Managing Director of BancRealty Advisors, the BrandPartners affiliate company offering the program. “There are now over 99,000 FDIC insured bank branches. In the last twelve months there have been over 180 bank acquisitions and more than 50 bank failures. Between the selling and surviving bank, that represents approximately 14,000 branches.”

He continued, “Many financial institutions are taking a hard look at their real estate to determine the overall effectiveness of their network. Because BrandPartners has strong relationships with national and regional banks, we have a deep understanding of the challenges these institutions face and are ideally situated to help them reduce the unnecessary burden of poorly performing real estate so they can operate at optimum efficiency.”

Jim Brooks, CEO of BrandPartners, commented, “This is a perfect extension of the services we already provide. Our expertise in gathering and interpreting strategic market intelligence is of tremendous importance in helping financial institutions identify the branches that aren’t performing at acceptable levels. Once the questionable branches or office properties have been identified, we then have all of the capabilities necessary to take corrective action, whether it’s a remodel or a remerchandising or rebranding program or the disposition of a segment of the network.”

He added, “For those properties to be acquired by their institutional buyers, BancRealty Advisors and its program partner, Paramount Partners, LLC of Braintree, MA, are able to deploy and coordinate with their national real estate brokerage network, the Retail Brokers Network, to identify and secure either replacement financial institutions or retailers to re-tenant or redevelop the vacated properties. For more than 25 years we’ve been a leader in providing the financial industry with the services they need to drive sales and increase customer loyalty. This is just another step in our commitment to providing customers with the services they need – a level of service offered by no other competitor in the industry.”