The train consists of two carriages with decoration
and design themed on by gone colonial times and on the Brazilian fauna
and flora.

Sitting back in the soft pillows of the train’s couches and sipping
on a glass of cool white wine, this is one of the best ways to discover
the unknown parts of this vast country. The Great Brazil Express
recently received the Brazil Award of Embratur (Brazilian tourist
board) for being the most innovative tourist product of the year.

Undiscovered towns
Brazil is the first country in Central and South America to offer this unforgettable train experience.

Travelling in a comfortable and relaxing manner, this is the perfect way to become acquainted with the beauty of Brazil.

Starting in Curitiba, in the south eastern part of Brazil, the GBE
takes you to the famous Iguassu waterfalls on the border of Brazil and
Argentina within approx. 8 to 9 days. During this journey, little towns
in southern Brazil that are still undiscovered by tourism are visited,
like Itagi, Tibagi, Castro, Morettes and Antonina.

Nostalgic design
The Great Brazil Express consist of two self-propelled luxury carriages
that have been renovated in nostalgic colonial design. Both carriages
seat 22 passengers and have a large amount of facilities to ensure
travellers will lack nothing: comfortable chairs and couches, big
windows to guarantee maximum view, a fully equipped kitchen and a fully
stocked bar.

Travellers overnight in one of the many luxury hotels that are
located in the charming towns along the route. The train started off in
April this year and offers 4 trips a month on average, different
packages and extensions are also possible.

Brazil is now the first country in Latin America with a luxury train
cruise out of Curitiba and almost all the way to the famous and unique
Iguassu Falls.

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