A Brazilian hacker group accidentally targeted NASA instead of the NSA last week. The attack was supposed to be a response to the news, leaked by Edward Snowden, that the U.S. spy agency had spied on President Dilma Rousseff and Petrobras, the state oil company.

The group, identified as BMPoc, hacked into and defaced several NASA domains on Sept. 10, Gizmodo Brazil reports. The group hacked several NASA pages and left the all-purpose message: “NASA HACKED! BY #BMPoCWe!  Stop spy on us! The Brazilian population do not support your attitude! The Illuminati are now visibly acting! Obama heartless! Inhumane! you have no family? the point in the entire global population is supporting you. NOBODY! We do not want war, we want peace!!! Do not attack the Syrians!”

Not all domains belonging to the U.S. space agency were hacked, but the attackers were able to gain access to the Kepler mission page, the Ames Academy for Space Exploration, the Lunar Science Institute and 11 other domains, reports HackRead. Although the hacktivists were protesting spying by the National Security Agency as well as the threatened U.S. attack on Syria, the group missed the mark by a vowel as NASA is a space agency that has no involvement in NSA snooping or potential retaliation for the use of chemical weapons.

Gizmodo reports the group had previously hacked NASA in April, although it is unclear why the group is targeting the space agency; it could be a simple case of misunderstanding.

NASA spokesman Allard Beute confirmed the hacking but said the agency’s main sites, mission data or classified systems were unscathed, reports Agence France-Presse. “We are diligently taking action to investigate and reconstitute the websites impacted during web defacement incident,” said Beute. In the wake of the new snooping allegations against the NSA, Rousseff has canceled a previously planned trip to the United States.