FXstreet.com (Barcelona) - Food inflation has pushed February's BRC Shop Prices Index higher in year-on year terms, while on the month prices have increased to reverse the decline seen in January, according to the latest report by the British Retailers Consortium.

Year-on-year, shop prices have risen at a 1.3% pace in February, up from the 1.2% increase posted in January. February's increase has been driven, mainly, by food prices, which posted a 4.6% yearly increase, the largest seen since data is recorded. On the non food sector prices continued decreasing, in February they fell 0.3%, following a 0.2% fall in January.

Shop prices have increased 0.4% on the month in February, reversing the 0.5% decrease posted in January, mainly driven by inflation on the non food sector which posted a 0.4% increase after having fallen 1.0% in January. Food prices increased 0.6% on the month.