Oceanfron Living: There are many reasons why people visit a luxury resort, but when it comes down to the essence of the experience, one factor always seems to make a significant difference.


Can I get what I need, when I need it? Are the amenities accessible? Do my surroundings feel comfortable? Will the staff efficiently tend to my requests? Am I truly welcomed? May I just be myself and relax?

Guests of The Breakers have answered yes to those questions and others for more than a century. And, in recent years, some have been so pleased with the answers that they've decided to live there.

Just a few yards north of the legendary hotel, Breakers Row offers easy living in the heart of Palm Beach, enabling residents to sample every pleasure at the resort, from fine dining to recreational activities, while keeping the comforts of a well-appointed apartment home - along with the added value of a support staff keenly attuned to their unique interests and requirements.

Breakers Row exists to provide carefree living, says General Manager Danny Miller. Nowhere else can you lead the 'Palm Beach lifestyle' without the responsibility of home ownership. We take care of everything you could possible need. All you have to do is relax and enjoy.

width=252 Discreet, personal service is a top priority at this enclave of 88 oceanfront apartments, with an onsite, residents-only concierge handling all requests, whether it's dinner reservations or travel arrangements, finding hard-to-get event tickets or taking care of other personal touches. Room service and professional security are provided around the clock, and housekeeping services are also available.

Residents are just steps from activities at The Breakers and in town, but they are far enough removed to maintain privacy. They have access to amenities at the resort in addition to their own generous portfolio of facilities and privileges, including daily private beach service and poolside holiday parties.

Indeed, the entire team at Breakers Row is responsive to requests. Through newsletters soliciting feedback, annual resident receptions, and his own open-door policy, Miller gladly involves residents in developing the character of the community.

Maybe this sounds corny, he says, but we really are 'all about you.' Breakers Row is often a second or third home for our residents, so they've made a clear decision to be here. It's our job to know how we can make the good life even better.

For details about leases, call 1-877-948-3752 or visit www.breakersrow.com.

By Brian Jay