Sunday night’s episode of “Breaking Bad” excited its fans and provided them with some awesome quotes. The groundbreaking show is in its final season -- to the dismay of millions of viewers -- but its last episodes are more than worthwhile. Spoilers will follow for anyone who has yet to watch this newest episode of the AMC series.

Check out the five best quotes from the first of its final eight episodes, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

5. Walt to Jesse: “Listen to me: I did not kill Mike. The last time that I saw him, he had his bag -- the one that I brought him -- and he got into his car and he drove away. And, for all I know, he is alive and well ... Jesse, I need you to believe this.”

Walt, played by Bryan Cranston, lied to Jesse, played by Aaron Paul. Walt’s an avid liar on the show who takes a different tone when stretching the truth. This time it appeared as it Jesse knew he was lying and was trying to think about all the other times Walt told lies.

4. Badger to Skinny Pete: “Chekov screams, he sprays blood out of his mouth. Scotty beamed his guts into space!”

Skinny Pete, played by Charles Baker, jokes around with Badger, played by Matt Jones. Jesse is in a much different place from his friends who are having a lighthearted conversation.

3. Hank to Walt: “You drove into traffic to keep me from that laundry. That call I got, telling me Marie was in the hospital? That wasn’t Pinkman. You had my cell number. You killed ten witnesses to save your sorry ass. You bombed a nursing home. Heisenberg. Heisenberg!”

Hank, played by Dean Norris, calls out all of Walt’s depraved behavior.

2. Walt to Hank: “If you don’t know who I am, then maybe your best course would be to tread lightly.”

1. Walt to Hank: “In six months, you won’t have someone to prosecute. But even if you were somehow able to convince someone I was capable of doing these things, you and I both know I would never see the inside of a jail cell.”

Walt is such a liar that it’s hard to tell when he’s telling the truth, and there are different things Walt could have meant while delivering this quote. Is he really going to die in six months? Or is he just saying he will do whatever it takes to avoid being behind bars?