Think you’re a diehard “Breaking Bad” fan? Unless you would pay close to $10,000 for a pair of underwear, think again. According to E Online, the underwear of Bryan Cranston’s character Walter White has sold at auction for $9,900.

The tighty whities worn by Cranston in the pilot episode of “Breaking Bad” were sold at an auction of the AMC series’ props and other items. Screenbid and Sony Pictures teamed up in an attempt to allow hardcore fans of the show to actually own a piece of it (and book a little incremental revenue). The opening bid for the underwear was $250 -- still astronomical for underwear -- but over the course of 10 days the bid soared to $9,900.

The underwear and other items that were up for grabs are currently being displayed at the Museum of the Moving Image in New York as part of its “Breaking Bad” exhibition. All items will be shipped to bid winners after Oct. 27. Along with the underwear, the other auctioned items included Jesse’s Roomba and Marie’s Volkswagen were up for grabs.

If you think the price of the underwear was outrageous, that’s nothing. Walter’s inscribed copy of “Leaves of Grass” sold for a staggering $65,000. At an opening bid of $3,000, the item quickly sold to a fan whose screen name is bbadfan101.

Other big-ticket items included Tuco’s grill, sold for $20,250; Walter’s Cadillac, sold for $19,750; and a pink teddy bear, sold for $23,250. Overall, the auction raised nearly $1 million. (A little incremental revenue!)

Next time you splurge of a pair of $50 Boss briefs, don’t feel so bad. At least your underwear didn’t cost you $9,900.