The end is near for AMC’s hit show “Breaking Bad” after five drug-filled, bloody, shocking seasons. “Breaking Bad” has had fans sitting on the edge of their seats to see what their addictive antihero Walter White will cook up, pardon the expression, since the show premiered in 2008.

AMC will air the extra-long series finale of “Breaking Bad” on Sunday at 9 p.m. EDT. Creator Vince Gilligan has promised audiences a bloody ending that will wrap up loose ends in the story.

IBTimes TV reporter Marisa Krystian sat with Ellen Killoran to talk about what to expect from the feverishly anticipated finale. According to Killoran, “If there’s been one constant in 'Breaking Bad,' it’s that nothing in the script is an accident -- if there’s something that’s still in the back of the audience’s mind, it’s because Gilligan wants it there.”

“Breaking Bad” has become more than just a show; it’s a cultural phenomenon. Fans have fallen for the epic story-telling and performances by such actors as Bryan Cranston (Walter White), Anna Gunn (Walter’s wife Skyler), Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman), and Betsy Brandt (Marie Schrader).

Fans want to know, will Walt die? What will happen to Lydia? Why did Walt use Skyler’s maiden name as an alias? Will Walt and his meth-making sidekick Jesse make amends?

Tune in this weekend to see the final conclusion of AMC’s Emmy award winning drama “Breaking Bad.”